Still available?

If you are checking to see if a pet is still available for adoption, needing more information about an animal, or wanting to see more photos of a pet, please check our Available Animals tab. It has the most current info.

Ready to adopt?

If you are officially ready to being the adoption journey, please visit our Adopt tab. It has information on our available animals, out of state adoptions, our adoption process and fees, and the application to adopt. Please note: We are a foster based program, so we do not have a public facility or hours to visit. All animals live in our homes.

Following up?

Checking up on your adoption application? Following up on a previous email? Please note: we are a volunteer organization, comprised of fosters with full time jobs and family obligations. While we do our best to respond to every email, application, text, private message, instant message, direct message, post, and comment, we just may not be able to respond to everyone. We promise to do the best we can, but if your home is chosen for adoption, we will be contacting you directly. To donate to help us continue our efforts, click the link here. Thank you!

Can I surrender my pet?

Our program is not set up to accept owner surrenders or stray animals. We exist primarily to help pets facing imminent or potential euthanasia in shelters, facilities, and institutions. If you are looking for help, specifically with a pit bull type dog, please contact our Pit Bull branch at the link provided here. Thank you!