Bad Pet

Looking for "bad artists"! ✒🎨 Starting November 1st, for a donation of $25 or more, supporters will get a custom drawing of their pet. Or, have someone else's pet drawn as a holiday gift!

The kicker? ❓

We are AWFUL artists. 🧟

It may be a stick figure, it may look like a cartoon that got melted. 🤷 We will do our best to draw your pet, but chances are, it will look like a 4th grader drew it. 💜

But... it will be YOUR pet! And drawn by someone who will do their best for your furbaby(s).

It's for a good cause, so... let's roll the dice 🎲 and see what your Fido or Felix turns out to be!

Participants will: 1) Donate a minimum of $25, 2) Submit a photo of their pet, and 3) Wait for us to work our "magic". NOTICE THE QUOTATIONS and imagine us doing ✌ air quotes.✌

We are looking to have a few tiers of artists available:

1. Our volunteers. ($25, most available)
2. Local celebrities and pet instagram accounts. ($100, each celebrity or has a limited amount they will draw)
3. Actual talented artists. ($250, mediums and formats will vary, very few available)

If YOU want to help our team draw pets, please email ASAP to join the event, or sign up using the button below.

This is going to be SO FUN!!!!

*Some celebrities have already been secured, but they won't be announced until the event opens. 🙂 If you are a local celebrity, or if your pet has a social media following and would like to help, please email April or sign up using the button below!

Sign up to be an "artist" for this event!

Whether you have very limited art skills like us, are a gifted artist, are a local celebrity, or just want to help draw some pets, please sign up below. We would love to have you! Artist sign up closes October 30th.