Help give a Home for the Holidays!

Our annual Home for the Holidays donation drive is the ONE time ever year where we ask for your financial contributions. Our goal every November and December is to raise enough funds to fully fund the next fiscal year. That means the number of lives we save in 2021 is *directly* tied how successful our holiday fundraiser becomes.

In 2015, our first holiday drive goal was $10,000--you *smashed* that goal, and we were able to save more animals than ever before.

Last year, our goal was $75,000--you *obliterated* that. Because of your generosity, we have saved a record number of animals this year. In fact, even during a pandemic, we were able to increase the number of lives saved by 45% because YOU donated last year. Isn't that incredible?

For 2020, can we do it again? We are going to dream big and try to repeat our goal of $75,000.

Are we crazy? Definitely. Crazy about animals. It's a big ask, we know. But it means that we could save hundreds of animals next year...

YOU do this.

YOU are the one that our efforts possible.

If YOU want to see us save even more lives in 2021, we ask you consider a tax deductible donation. However much we raise directly determines how many lives we save the following year, so if you love what we do, support our volunteer organization!

We are not a group that constantly asks for financial help all throughout the year--we save up for one REALLY BIG ask for the holidays.


Are you in?


Thank you for choosing to help your community! With your help, Long Way Home Adoptables will continue saving shelter pets who needs us most, regardless of age, illness, or behavioral challenges. 100% of donations go to animal care–not swanky board lunches, facility overhead, etc. We believe all shelter pets deserve a happy ending, but we need YOU to make it happen.

Help give a Home for the Holidays!