Out of State Adoptions

Want to adopt from our program, but live outside of Texas? No problem!

The majority of our adopters are not local to our area. Some families cash in their frequent flyer miles and come in, since our pets are small enough to bring on board as carry-on. Some families drive in from other states, or other parts of Texas.

We offer two different modes of transport listed below, and either way, you will be in constant contact with us and the transporter during the entire process.

What states have we been to? Will you help us add another to the map?
What states have we been to? Will you help us add another to the map?

Transport Details

NATIONAL TRANSPORT FEE: We offer an all-inclusive transport fee of $200 on top of the adoptoin fee. This fee includes the pet's plane ticket or ground travel ticket, flight fees, travel crate, and the USDA required health certificate and exam proving that your pet is healthy enough for interstate travel and carrying no zoonotic parasites or infections.


OPTION ONE: If you need transport assistance, our preferred method is by plane,  (most common). We are fortunate to partner with Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines, and their generous employees use their days off to escort our babies in the cabin with them. They get the VIP treatment!

With this option, the animals are only in transport a few hours. They are highly unlikely to come into contact with any other pets, and thereby, it virtually eliminates the possibility of contracting any illnesses en route.

However, this option requires adopters to be flexible and able to change pick up times at any moment. Because flight escorts and airlines are doing this as a charitable endeavor, sometimes they may get unexpected layovers or delays that are out of our control. Adopters will always be in constant contact with us during this process, but must understand the pick up time from the airport may change last minute.


OPTION TWO: We occasionally have to use ground transport if adopters are not close enough to a major airport to pick up, the dog is too large to fly in cabin, or the adopter is insistent on using van transport.

We only use three ground transport companies, that we have used them many times to carry our special babies across the country. They travel in air-conditioned vans, have frequent potty breaks during the day, and are carried by people who love supporting our rescue efforts. One of the benefits to ground transport is you will know the exact pick up time well in advance.

However, please note that this transport option may take several days depending on adopter's location. While we certify our pets are healthy enough to travel, ground transport increases the chances that your baby may contract an upper respiratory infection from another pet on transport.

Therefore, we will certainly respect the adopter's wishes to use ground transport, but the adopter recognizes and accepts that risk of potential exposure. Transport by air will always be our preferred method.


*Please note: transport companies do not provide “doorstep delivery”. Typically, we are able to get the animal to the closest major city to you. Adopters are expected to be flexible and willing to pick up at an airport or nearby metropolitan city.